Beautiful Virtual events

Made Easy allow you to make amazing Virtual events in a few minutes.


We handle the Tech so you can focus on making great events

Our State of the art tech stack allows you to fully customise your pages and themes so that you never have to look at code or worry about crashing servers

Registration and Analytics

Build your attendee database and get detailed analytics on where your viewers are coming from

Stream from anywhere

Our tools are platform agnostic. Use youtube, vimeo, streamyard or setup any streaming service

Engage with the Community

Have moderated questionnaires, polls and games to keep your audience engaged

Beautiful on any device

Our customizable templates are tested against hundreads of devices and platform to make sure your event looks good on every browser and on every device.

Customize your theme to match your branding gives you full control to modify your logo, colors, fonts and more. Have fine grained control over every aspect of your event to best match your branding guidlines and create a unique look.

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Custom Profiles for Speakers

Add your speaker profiles to your registration and Event Pages to let your audiance know whos attending.

Event Schedule / Agenda

Build your Event Schedule and let your attendees set reminders for what they are most interested in.

Sponser Integration

Have a Featured Section for your event sponsers with trackable links and even top banner integration.

How much does it cost?

Our Basic plan is Free. Signup to build events for upto 50 people and upgrade any time.



  • Max 50 Registrations per event
  • Unlimited Events
  • Customizable Themes
  • Attendee Registration and Analytics
  • Audience Engagement tools
  • Optimized for SEO and Speed



  • everything with Basic Plan +
  • Max 1000 Registrations per event
  • Inbuilt Streaming studio
  • Customer Support
  • Access to Premium Templates
  • Custom URL



  • everything with Event Manager Plan +
  • Unlimited Registrations per event
  • Fully Customised Themes and Designs
  • 3D Virtual Environments
  • Account Manager
  • And much more

Impress Your Audience with Customized 3D Events is built by Option 1 Events Design Studio . We built this tech for our high profile clients and are now sharing it with you.

Our In-house 3D artist and tech team can build unique event spaces based on your requirements. We build events in : Web real 3D, Web enhanced, Web 360 and Web Hybrid

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Frequently Asked Question by User.

For Information regarding managing the event CMS click here

Is there a limit for how many events I can create?

You can create unlimited Events. Free events are restricted to 50 participants, you can always upgrade your event if you need to add more participants

What happens if I cross 50 Participants for my free event

You will be notified when you have reached 45 Participants. Once the event reaches 50 the system will not accept any additions registrations. You can upgrade the event at any time to accept more registrations

Can I use my own URL for the event?

URL Redirection requires a custom package. Please contact us to get more information regarding using your own URL

Can I use my corporate Youtube Channel to stream my event? accepts any embedded video player to be integrated into your pages. You can use youtube's live streaming or prerecorded videos to show your content

What details can I see about my event participants? provides full transparency to all your participant data. You can customize what data you want to collect and download an excel sheet with all your participant information.

Can I use my own design for the event? gives you access to fully customizable templates in multiple styles. For further customization please contact us